Our Mission

Music inspires and motivates us; it connects us as a community. The Wav in Sylvan is all about creating new, fun exciting experiences, transcending a place and time, reliving a moment that you felt passionate about. We are “Sylvan Lake’s Home for Variety” .  As a vibrant community, the Town of Sylvan Lake is overflowing with energy, influence, strength and prosperity. It is our vision to ensure that “The Wav is Sylvan” be the impactful and effective tool Sylvan Lakers can use to build and grow their market. We are an influencer, and we invite new listeners to visit and potential build new business and residence in Sylvan Lake, initiating a new unique perspective of supporting our local community by advocating from within rather than outside.

The WAV in Sylvan is a division of  7 Points Media Ltd,  a locally owned and operated media agency & publishing company in Sylvan Lake, Alberta.  As parent company to Sylvan Lake Business Guide, Virtual Sylvan Lake and our newest future venture, our all new exclusive Sylvan Lake Webradio Station, we work with local, small & medium size businesses in promoting, marketing and advertising their products and services on-line and through our published annual business magazine “Sylvan Lake Business Guide”.

In 2022 Sylvan Lake Business Guide is celebrating 36 year of supporting our local sylvanlake business community. Our group of companies represent over 500 local businesses as well as community, charity, nonprofit & local interest organizations. It is only with the trust they have placed in us in promoting their businesses, organization, events, charity drives and local interest groups that we have remained so successful these past 36 years. 

We are driven by our client’s successes and proud of the business community of Sylvan Lake as a society, after all, your success is our success. We are passionate about our industry and are always on the lookout for new and innovative trends that can help our clients achieve their goals.  7 Points Media Ltd. is a “collaborative” enterprise, simple meaning that we work with other companies in cooperation in achieving collective goals. If you are or know of a company that is interested in working with 7 Points Media Ltd. on a collaborative project, please feel free to reach out to our office so we can chat about it in more detail.

We have access to local talents and skillsets capable of meeting the needs of your media project and can refer you to the right people for the right job. Call or email our office and let us show you what we can do for you.  Consider us your exceptionally strong marketing partner, ready to widely distribute your message across our many media platforms. We look forward to seeing Sylvan Lake thrive in 2022 and beyond.

Be Safe, Be Well, Be Strong

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