Mike Alan

On Air Host / Voiceovers

A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants” ~ Chuckles the Clown Pretty much sums it up for Mike Alan.  Mike’s been in radio for over 15 years.

Graduated number one in his class and has never looked back.
Mike’s an avid golfer and gambler.  Never met a course or a casino he didn’t like.  If you’re looking for someone to bet how far you can drive the ball into the woods – Mike Alan is your guy.

Karen Brown

On Air Host / Voiceovers

The Afternoon Wav with Karen has carefully collected music of uplifting and positive pop, rock and all-around feel good songs aimed to put you in a good mood!

No matter what your age is, everyone can relate to Karen’s outgoing personality. She’ll guarantee to make you smile every afternoon!

Laura Mainella

On Air Host / Commercial Writer

For over 30 years, Laura Mainella has been the dynamic, controversial and opinionated voice of daytime radio.

The Toronto Ontario born host, whose career has spanned over several cities, has been voted as having one of the best laughs in the business.  Laura is single and is a mom to a Maltese puppy named Bianco, Higgins and Harriet – both West Highland Terriers.

When Laura is not busy tearing up the streets on her motorcycle she enjoys hanging out with her pups, blogging and playing tennis.

Bethany “T”

Voiceovers /Weather Segments

Hey ya’ll! Bethany T here! I am so pumped to be apart of The Wav in Sylvan team! But why don’t I tell you a little bit about myself?

Throughout my life, music has always been a big passion of mine. I was in choir all the way from grade three through to grade 12, I sing, I play the guitar, piano, and ukulele. So I truly feel like this is where I’m meant to be!

Another fun fact about me is that I am an animal lover of all kinds! I’ve been told on many occasions that I live in a zoo! I have two dogs, Holly and Hunter, two cats Smokey and Stitch, and a hedgehog, Bo!

I am currently attending the University of Lethbridge majoring in drama education! I love crafting, cooking, and the sunshine! I look forward to delivering the good news of sunshine this summer through my weather segments as your weather announcer here on The Wav in Sylvan!

Craig Reashore

Voiceovers / Producer

Hailing from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and currently residing in Red Deer, Alberta, Craig brings 12 years of audio production experience to the team. He makes radio station imaging pop, but he also helps make shine what most people despise……..commercials. On top of being part of the Wav In Sylvan team, he works 2 other jobs, a borderline workaholic.

When he isn’t playing that role, he loves watching wrestling, playing video games and all things music. Aside from being an avid walker of the great outdoors, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and his cats.


On Air Host / Music Production

Even though I haven’t been around as long as some of the others working here, I have been a long-time lover of music and everything surrounding it.

I will listen to almost anything and everything of all genres, excluding country (blame only hearing it on repeat for so many years).

Vince Daniels

On Air Host / Program Director

With 35+ years in the music / promotions and sales & marketing industries, I am all about learning on the fly and interacting with people from all walks of life.

Getting my start in the music industry at 18 in Brandon Manitoba, I have learned to develop my own style and passions. I love the music, I love the people I work with, I love my family and I love the GOLF!

Steve Bohan 

On Air Host / Music Production

The Weekends will contain conversations about Music, Community and Facebook interaction. Useless information that you may use around at coffee time work. example, did you know that Michael Jackson wanted to play Spiderman so much that he tried to buy Marvel comics he also wrote do the Bartman on the Simpsons but could not take credit for it because of his record label.
It will be a show all about nothing but reliving memories and making new ones. All I Guarantee is it will be fun and full of moments that will make you shake your head with the bade joke of the day to can you say that on radio, You sure can once. I Hope you Can Join in the fun. on a lot of smaller artists, many of which you may have never heard of alongside popular songs from the 2000’s.
Very excited for the upcoming journey and hope you enjoy the show!

Frank McGwire

On Air Host / Voiceovers

Radio veteran Frank McGwire is a quick-witted character who brings his colourful candor to the studio each and every day! He enjoys mixing in his unique commentary on topics from the local, national, and international news scene. A graduate of Western Academy Broadcast College in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Frank is a 30+ year veteran of the airwaves.

He began his radio career in the spring of 1987 at CKDM in Dauphin, Manitoba. He’s hosted shows in various time slots including many years as a morning show host in Brandon on KX96, 1150 CKX & 1150 KIX. After spending most of the 90s in Brandon, he would move out west to Alberta where he hosted a mid-day show and handled Music Director duties at 1170 CKGY as well as filling in as a swing jock on Zed 99 FM in Red Deer.

In early 2000 he returned home to Brandon where he helped launch 101.1 KIX FM before returning to his morning show duties on KX96 which eventually became 96.1 BOB FM and subsequently Bounce FM. In 2015 Frank was the recipient of the Radio Excellence award from the Broadcasters Association of Manitoba for his outstanding contributions to local radio and his passionate involvement with the local music scene.

He was also a long-time guest columnist for the Brandon Sun, Wheat City Journal and bdnmb.ca. His column focused on the local music and entertainment scene in Westman. Frank always aims to please and shoots to thrill when gets into one of his show features such as The Wacky News Line, Top 5 list, News of The Weird, Strange But True, or Did You Know Files. Listeners who tune in are sure to have a blast!

Jeff Michaels


Hi! I’m Jeff Michaels. I’m a veteran Metis broadcaster with 40 years under his belt.  Like Frank McGwire, I am also a graduate of Western Academy Broadcast College. (1981)

And like the legendary Hank Snow’s song “I’ve Been Everywhere”, my radio adventure has brought me to great places, like: Prince Albert, Lloydminster, Drumheller, Brooks, Saskatoon, Prince George, Calgary, Wainwright, Edmonton, Moose Jaw and Medicine Hat. I’ve also been able to get some free lance gigs in Assiniboia, Nipawin…. and now Sylvan Lake!  

During my nomadic radio travels around Western Canada, I did manage to find time to court and marry my lovely wife Leann! And we have 2 boys: Daniel, 19, and David, 12.  And I can’t forget our 3 year old Basenji/Whippet named Juni!  When I’m not doing radio, I enjoy walks, watching classic movies, learning about cryptocurrenies, and I’m a big fan of the CFL…especially the RIDERS!

I look forward to working with the talented cast at The WAV!


Curtis Machek

Technician Savant

Born on the peak of Mt Olympia, Curtis Machek is often mistaken for Chuck Norris, Aphrodite, and Mr Rogers. He is best known for his entrancing charm and stunning good looks. He discovered the element of Machekium when he was only 3 years old, but he only believes in the element of surprise. Man or God, we are unsure – but we are certain of one thing: when he’s given a microphone, anything can happen.

Shawn DeWolfe

Web Developer / Webmaster

Shawn DeWolfe has loved show and tell since kindergarten and was very excited when he discovered he could use the Internet to share cool stuff and show people what he did.

In partnership with Dwayne and the Wav team, Shawn helped to build this website.

He started in computers in the 1980s, doing a mix of writing, game design and programming. Shawn was an on-air DJ in college radio, and a copywriter for two Victoria based radio stations. He dived back into programming in 1996 and has been build websites and web applications since then.

In addition to building websites, Shawn writes. His older work and fiction is under the the pen name of “Mike DeWolfe.” His newer technical work is written under “Shawn DeWolfe.” He lives in Saanichton, British Columbia on the rainy west coast of Canada. He loves to cook, sculpt, take photographs and write. By profession he is a web developer who has shifted from doing WordPress websites from his company, Web321

Check Out Web321