The Wav On Air Personalities

Mike Alan

“A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants” ~ Chuckles the Clown Pretty much sums it up for Mike Alan.  Mike’s been in radio for over 15 years.  Graduated number one in his class and has never looked back.  

Mike’s an avid golfer and gambler.  Never met a course or a casino he didn’t like.  If you’re looking for someone to bet how far you can drive the ball into the woods – Mike Alan is your guy.

Karen Brown

The Afternoon Wav with Karen has carefully collected music of uplifting and positive pop, rock and all-around feel good songs aimed to put you in a good mood! No matter what your age is, everyone can relate to Karen’s outgoing personality. She’ll guarantee to make you smile every afternoon!


Even though I haven’t been around as long as some of the others working here, I have been a long-time lover of music and everything surrounding it. I will listen to almost anything and everything of all genres, excluding country (blame only hearing it on repeat for so many years).

Laura Mainella

For over 30 years, Laura Mainella has been the dynamic, controversial and opinionated voice of daytime radio. The Toronto Ontario born host, whose career has spanned over several cities, has been voted as having one of the best laughs in the business. Laura is single and is a mom to a Maltese puppy named Bianco, Higgins and Harriet – both West Highland Terriers. When Laura is not busy tearing up the streets on her motorcycle she enjoys hanging out with her pups, blogging and playing tennis.

Steve Bohan

The Weekend Wav will contain conversations about Music, Community and Facebook interaction. Useless information that you may use around at coffee time work. example, did you know that Michael Jackson wanted to play Spiderman so much that he tried to buy Marvel comics he also wrote do the Bartman on the Simpsons but could not take credit for it because of his record label.
It will be a show all about nothing but reliving memories and making new ones. All I Guarantee is it will be fun and full of moments that will make you shake your head with the bade joke of the day to can you say that on radio, You sure can once. I Hope you Can Join in the fun.

Vince Daniels

A golfer, a woodworker, a family man, a husband and a father and he is fanatical about music. He loves coffee, sunshine, warm days and time with his family. With over 35 years experience in the music industry, Vince Daniels is passionate about all genres of music and the energy and intoxication it can bring to our lives. Whether it’s Djing in front of large crowds or behind the mic on radio, the energy comes through in everything he is plays. Creatively mixing different genres of music together into an action-packed event you can enjoy, whether having a leisurely evening, driving in your car or experiencing a party with friends and family.

It’s about reminiscing on past memories and creating new ones.