Carla Rider

I’m Carla Rider

I start out every morning with a double espresso in my Hottub at 5am, so I’ll be ready to jump on the pontoon boat & start “The Wake Up” on the WAV at 6am.

The pontoon boat was in my contract right?

I’ve been in Radio across the country for for over 21 years. And 11 of those years spent In Alberta.

Those that know me, know I LOVE CENTRAL ALBERTA. I love all kinds of music, and couldn’t pick just one type.

The best part of Radio to me is community & People! Helping each other! Laughing, crying, and talking about real life. Like friends around a fire!!

Here’s some quick facts about me.

Those that know me know

  • I love lakes & being on the water (probably because my horoscope sign is the crab)
  • I love boats
  • espresso and coffee is basically my blood
  • glamping is fantastic
  • I love laughing
  • Im a homebody & love my own surroundings
  • I have a huge passion for life
  • And a passion for people