Karen Brown 


Somehow, radio keeps calling me back! At 16, all my future aspirations were aligned with a career in broadcasting. After graduating high school, I packed my Ford Ranger for the big city lights of Saskatoon to attend broadcasting college and started my career in 1998 in Lloydminster. It’s been a whirlwind since then, leaving radio (unofficially) in 2006, but making a few “appearances” here and there, since then. I am excited to (officially) be joining the Wav team!

I think I gravitated towards radio as a profession because of my love for music. My mom would probably say it was because I liked to talk a lot! Music has been at the center of my entire life. It was part of our everyday growing up. And, we listened to everything. This is partly why I am so excited to be joining Wav. The eclectic mix is just right. Why should music be put into one box? Before a song is classified as a certain genre, it’s just a collection of sounds. Any genre can make us feel something – happy, sad, energetic, relaxed – or just simply good. I aim to make you feel good every day!

During my time away from radio, I have filled the years committed to community in non-profit fund development. Volunteering for many different organizations from sports to various events centered around youth, health and wellness. I have been blessed to have met and worked with some incredible community members who know the importance of supporting local.

On the weekends, you likely will find me spending time with family and friends, not too far from a rink, working on yet another home project, enjoying good food, and most definitely with a crisp cold local craft beer in my hand.