Steve Bohan

Hi I’m Steve Bohan

I have always loved radio. It dates all the way back to my childhood when I would sneak the radio that no one in the family believed worked onto my bedside table to listen to the characters doing the late-night show on the CBC network with Barbra Frum on as it happens. I knew that from moment I would find a way to make it on the air Waves (wav radio).

Joined the military (Radar) and after that I came back to my hometown to work in the restaurant business working as a Jock, when a radio student said I should be on radio he got me into the coarse and I have not looked back since. I’ve been doing what I love for 32 years now and start a new chapter on your Weekend Wav. 10-2 Sat, Sun.

What do I do in my spare time, I love to buy music. Every Tuesday you would me sifting thru the 45’s and album bins at Sam The Record Man looking for the next big find for my collection. Well, no my collection has spanned from Rock, Pop, New Wave, Oldies to jazz. I still remember the first record I bought, Elton John Philadelphia Freedom, it’s framed and signed on the Music room wall. In the Future I will share on our Facebook page what 30 years of collecting looks like.

Many People often ask me what is your favorite album, tough question. I have bought some really good albums over the years like Fleetwood Mac Rumours awesome from cover to cover to only discover some of my albums bought that I thought were dogs of the bargain bin to turn into one my cherished albums. I guess with time our flavours change. I Love how music is a time machine that takes us right back the moment that first time we heard a song. It’s funny I always buy an album for all the life changing moments in my life so I can make never ending memories. You could say Music is my life.

Family life is something else I have a great value for along with the community I live in. Often you will see me out an about at charity events pitching in any way I can.

I Hope you can join me on the weekends Saturdays and Sunday 10-2pm. I look forward to becoming friends.