Laura Mainella
In The Morning 

TD’s Bobcat – Laura Mainella – Mornings from 6-10am

Show Description: Join me every weekday morning for a daily dose of local stories, entertainment and interviews. When I’m not in the morning host chair, I can be found on the road riding my motorcycle, walking my dogs, cooking in the kitchen or exploring the many beautiful sites of Sylvan Lake. Got an upcoming event or a feel good story? Let me help you spread the word. I’d love to be your community ambassador.

Outback’s Midday High Tide
With JD

OutBack’s High Tide 11am – 3pm

Show Description: It’s been an interesting start to the decade, but here’s hoping we can add a little brightness and joy into your day! I’m JD Hunter, and whether you’re back to the office or set up at home, join me every Midday to put a little pep into your step. Enjoy!

Karen Brown
In The Afternoon

Sobey’s Afternoon Wav 4pm – 8pm

Show Description: The Afternoon Wav with Karen has carefully collected music of uplifting and positive pop, rock and all-around feel good songs aimed to put you in a good mood! No matter what your age is, everyone can relate to Karen’s outgoing personality. She’ll keep you informed on what’s happening in our community. She’s energetic, uplifting, has a contagious laugh, and will guarantee to make you smile every afternoon!

At Night

Kayge at Night 9pm – 1am

Show Description Kayge at Night is a show consisting of two core elements: Popular songs and artists, the ones you’ve heard before and will jam to anytime. As well as the smaller ones, many of which you’ve never heard before and I hope will learn to love! Genres that will be focused on: Alternative/Indie, Pop, and anything else that the night may call for.

Steve Bohan
Weekend WAV

Saturdays, Sundays from 8am – 12pm

Show Description: It will be a show all about nothing but reliving memories and making new ones. All I Guarantee is it will be fun and full of moments that will make you shake your head with the bad joke of the day to can you say that on radio, You sure can once. I Hope you Can Join in the fun.

Wav of Adrenalin

Saturdays, Sundays from 2 – 6pm

Show Description:  

Vince Daniels
Saturday Night Surge

Saturday Nights – 6pm-10pm

Show Description: You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need. If what you need is some heart pumping, foot on the gas pedal, I can’t drive 55, intoxicating music. Vince Daniel’s puts the gas in your tank and the get up in your go, it’s the Surge in your Saturday Night. Enjoy the tunes that bring back the memories and cross from one genre to another without missing a beat. It’s a party for the camp fire, and a reason to celebrate Saturday Nights! It’s the Saturday Night Surge with Vince Daniels.

Davey P
Saturday Night Tsunami

Saturday Nights from 10pm – 2am

Show Description: