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Natural Solutions Community Health Minute

At Natural Solutions we believe that the more resources you have available to you, the more of an informed decision you can make about what is best FOR you.  While we don’t know it all (who does!?!?) we have a large resource pool we can pull from, so we can give the most solid advice and guidance on what is out there and who you can talk to.  The purpose of the The Wav’s community health minute is well first off, lets dissect the words; Community, we are here for our community first and foremost, a healthy community is a THRIVING community.  Health, well that is self explanatory but we like to take a “whole being” approach to health. We aren’t just physical, we are emotional and spiritual too these make up our WHOLE BEING! Minute, well its a quick burst of time in which we will jam pack words meant to challenge you to think and carry away an “ah ha” moment or two.

Our motto here at Natural Solutions Health Store is inform, equip, supply for good reason.  We inform you of the options that we know are available to you.  We equip you with knowledge we have to go forward and make a more informed decision.  We supply you with products and services to help you on your health journey.   If we don’t know, we’ll help you find someone that does.   Knowledge is power, so be in the know by tuning in.

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