What She Said with Candace Sampson Sundays 9-10am

What She Said is one of the longest running female radio shows in Canada and each week tens of thousands of women tune in to hear who Candace is speaking to and what uniquely female stories she is sharing. A safe space for women looking to learn and connect with others, What She Said aims to empower, educate, and entertain with six interviews weekly that cover the topics that matter most to women . What She Said is committed to amplifying women’s voices across Canada.

Candace has been in the trenches with women across Canada for over a decade sharing her self-deprecating humour on Canada’s popular YMC, her passion for travel and food on her website, Life in Pleasantville, and as a TV and Radio personality. Always finding the stories that keep her weekly audience returning for more, Candace’s reputation for approachable professionalism and a great sense of humour are demonstrated in her delivery of real-life stories that matter across all her digital and broadcast channels.