We wanted to take a moment to thank all our loyal listeners of our station @thewavinsylvan.  We love that you listen to your own home for variety, and we absolutely love bringing it to you each and every day.

We’ve been asked a lot recently why we are not on conventional radio as of yet, and we wanted to give you a little an insight on why that is.

Conventional radio that transmits though your home or car radio requires an application to the CRTC (Canadian Radio‑television and Telecommunications), a government regulations agency.  The price tag to apply for a frequency to transmit on the FM dial is costly and there is no guarantee that even if you apply that you will ultimately receive the desired frequency.

Should someone apply and actually be approved for a frequency, there is then the cost of an FM transmitter to engineer, build and install within the area.  As you can see the process from its infancy to real world usability is a lengthy, costly and high effort of development.

Now…all that being said, here’s a couple of things that can help you continue to listen to @thewavinsylvan more often, in more places.

Should you want to listen to @thewavinsylvan in places other than via your computer, download our GETMERADIO app or visit our website at www.thewavwebradio.ca and use your Bluetooth to transmit to your Bluetooth speaker, car radio, tv, etc. You can also play us on through #GETMERADIO on your Alexa, Google Home Apple TV, Roku TV, Fire TV, etc.  https://www.getmeradio.com/stations/thewavinsylvan-2244

There’s no need to worry about using too much data, on your phone…here’s the math to help put your mind at ease. 1 Hour of listening = 44kb of data, 12 hours of listen = 528 kb of Data. You would need to listen to us for 24 hours straight on your phone data plan before you would reach 1gb of data.   What this means is, you can listen by Bluetoothing us to your car radio through your phone and never need to worry about using too much data.

Another segment of that support is in our advertising component. We need the support of our local businesses by advertising on our station. If you would like to market your business locally on our station, we encourage you to reach out to us and we can chat about some of our advertising and sponsorship options. https://thewavwebradio.ca/advertising/

Our listener numbers are way up and that is thanks to you our loyal listeners and we thank you sincerely for those successful accomplishments.  We look forward to continuing to serve our community of #sylvanlake through music and entertainment and we have great hopes and dreams for the future on @thewavinsylvan.  Sylvan Lake’s home for Variety continues to grow, thank you #sylvanlake!! 👏

We would encourage your support us by signing our support letter below👇.

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