The Wav in Sylvan is showcasing the world to Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Our enormous music library allows us to bring you all the hits from the past 6 decades, where you will never hear the same song twice in a day. “IF IT’S GOOD…WE PLAY IT!


Our music is intended to inspire and captivate our listeners, bringing back memories from another time and place in your lives while creating new ones for another time. We don’t follow the traditional rules of radio, but rather play the music that you want to hear and when you want to hear it.


Our experienced group of hosts will encourage you to dance like no one is watching all while bringing you all the latest in community news and funny stories, amazing contests and promotions and interactive conversations.  Join us as we bring you everything you want to hear from the place, we all love to live, work and play, Sylvan Lake Alberta.


Listen intently, share our station proudly and support our community impactfully.  If you would like to share our station with your friends and family around the world copy this link and send it off www.thewavwebradio.ca